European Terrorism and the Public


In the early days of World War Two someone in a government department came up with a slogan to put on posters to boost public moral. This slogan was never used as it was considered too trite and it was thought it would be ridiculed by the general public. Fast forward to our more superficial and shallow age, this slogan is resurrected and is an instant hit, now if “Keep Calm and Carry On” was regarded with such negativity back then just what would the reaction be in the early 1940s to #I am today’s hot topic? Just what is the reaction, do you think, in ISIS/ISIL/Deash to these hash tags, just how much are they concerned that a Facebook user has changed their picture to include a flag, or that coloured filters have been added to spotlights illuminating public buildings? They might as well shine the bat signal for all the good it does.

Honestly, people are being slaughtered like animals and just what is the public response? Masturbatory, knee-jerk, self-indulgent, feel good, do nothing, trite empty gestures. It appears in Europe the security services suffer from a communications problem, here in the UK it was realised after 7/7 that the police, Five, Six, etc, etc, actually needed to talk to each other. Now it would seem that our different departments are now working on the same page and hold regular meetings where intelligence is shared. The public needs to see that something is being done, politicians wringing their hands making vows and empty declarations of war mean nothing to the public when in parts of Europe people are watching daily as their way of life is being eroded and feel they are being sidelined to appease newcomers who, if the public had been consulted, probably weren’t wanted anyway. When you see people, to whom you have given refuge, start off by verbal assaulting their hosts, progress to sexual assaults, and finally to murder it can only lead to people being angry and afraid. A person can reasoned with but people are different, to quote Agent K in Men in Black
A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.
Unless the governments of Europe are seen by their people to be doing something then the “panicky dangerous animals” are going to do something themselves, and sadly this will only lead to more innocent people getting hurt, radicalised, and escalate the violence on both sides. Where am I going with this ramble? I have no idea, and unfortunately, I think that sums up our leaders answer in the quest for a solution.

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